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Add some sparkle to life

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’m excited to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Champagne & Friends, celebrating the vast diversity of champagne in the spirit of modern times. 

Today, more varieties of champagne are available than ever. Artisan small growers conquer hotspots from New York to Tokyo; while bigger houses refresh and modernise their line-up. It is en vogue to talk about terroir, oak and dosage. And to drink champagne from tulip-shaped glasses beyond apéritif, pairing it with multi-course menus from any cuisine.

In the minds of consumers, champagne is becoming what it always has been: one of the world’s finest wines. Indeed, a WINE. It adds sparkle to life. It drinks well at any time of the day, with any kind of food. It is fresh and light. And it is sexy, especially in summer. 

My team and I aim to inspire you, to enjoy champagne more deliberately, to discover its many different faces by tasting its diverse styles. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Your host,

Dan Roznov
aka Champagne Spy

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